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Bohol Branch Christmas Party and Awarding Ceremony 2023

The red carpet rolled out in vibrant Boholano style as Centrallemost Development Corporation (CDC) celebrated the season and their Bohol branch’s achievements with a dazzling Oscars-themed Christmas party and awarding ceremony. Held on December 16, 2023, at the Metro Center in Tagbilaran City, the event was a night of glitz, glamor, and heartfelt recognition, leaving everyone with memories as bright as the Bohol sun.

Stepping into the venue, one could easily mistake it for the Dolby Theatre itself. Decorated with shimmering gold stars, twinkling lights, and cascading red curtains, the atmosphere pulsated with excitement. Boholano charm met Hollywood elegance as employees donned their finest attire, channeling their inner movie stars as they strutted down the red carpet and struck poses for the paparazzi.

The night unfolded like a captivating script, each scene filled with memorable moments. Heartfelt welcome speeches by CDC executives ignited the festive spirit, followed by the presentation of prestigious awards to the attendee’s best outfit, each accolade was met with resounding cheers and heartfelt applause, recognizing the dedication and talent that drive CDC’s success.

But the night wasn’t just about trophies. Live entertainment by JAMQ Session and Techno Tronics Reborn, filled the air with soulful music and lively performances, showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage. Laughter erupted as witty hosts cracked jokes and engaged the audience in fun games and trivia, reminding everyone that even amidst the glamorous theme, the bond within the CDC family remained strong.

Of course, no awards ceremony is complete without a scrumptious feast. Guests indulged in a delectable dinner showcasing both Boholano delicacies and international culinary delights, each bite a testament to the region’s vibrant palate. As the night went on, the dance floor became a kaleidoscope of swaying bodies, with colleagues letting loose and celebrating their shared journey.

As the final curtain closed on the event, it wasn’t just confetti that lingered in the air, but a sense of camaraderie, appreciation, and shared joy. The Centrallemost Bohol branch’s Oscars-themed celebration wasn’t just a Christmas party; it was a testament to the dedication, talent, and spirit that define the CDC family. As they step into the new year, they carry with them the glitter of this unforgettable night, the warmth of shared laughs, and the unwavering commitment to excellence that burns brighter than any spotlight.


So, here’s to Centrallemost Bohol, a team that knows how to work hard, play hard, and celebrate in true Boholano style. May their Oscar-worthy spirit continue to shine, both on and off the red carpet!